Our 1940 H pulling a grain
wagon.  I am on a friends 630
in the back.  
Our 1948 M cutting
wheat stubble.
Our 1948 M cutting a
pretty nice furrow.  Glad
it was a small field
Another shot of the 48 M
with it's 51 mower.
Our farm is still run using primarily John Deere Equipment.  We are currently running a 1940 H, 1948 M,
1952 A, and a 1964 2010.   Now don't start thinking that we are antique JD collectors.  Every one we own
EARNS it's keep.  They all still work.  We even have our token "Red" that works just as hard as the rest.  It
is a 1956 Massey Harris Pacer and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Here are some shots of our "fleet" at
Our Farm
More pictures to come when I finally
get time to take them.