Chambourcin is a French hybrid grape developed by Joannes-Seyve #26-205 and has only been available since
1963.  French hybrids are produced by crossing a variety of the European grape vine Vitis vinifera with an
American vine species.  It is a late ripening grape that has an intense purple color.  This grape has a long
growing season and does best in an area that is less susceptible to low winter temperatures.  Chambourcin has
large, moderately loose bunches set with  medium-sized blue berries. It is a very productive grape that
requires cluster thinning. The foliage is strongly resistant to fungal disease, but is moderately susceptible to
black rot and phomopsis.

The fruits flavor and sugar content of this late ripening variety has been blended in many wines-- seldom with
any credit on the label. The fully mature fruit produces a highly rated red wine.  Wines from this grape are
higher in tannins than other French-American hybrid grapes. These wines are generally medium- or full-bodied
and have a good length of palate.
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Getting the Field Ready
Spring 2006
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Plants in and growing well
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